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View: HS2 talked into existence?
There are parallels between the High Speed 2 rail and the Scottish independence decisions. In each case, there is a void of time to fill before a decision, and those who want a positive outcome have to hope it fills with arguments in their favour.

Business interests and their pervasive tentacles may prove decisive in each case. In the case of HS2, business and civic leaders are vocally in favour. This week's Birmingham Post was a case in point, pages of coverage depicting trams running through a vast atrium at HS2's proposed Curzon St station as part of redevelopment of Birmingham's East Side. It's hard to imagine anti-HS2 groups filling columns in that way.

Scottish Independence, however, is subject to a drip-feed of cautions and warnings from business leaders wishing to sow seeds of doubt. Again, these, rather than any message from Nationalists, have made the headlines in recent weeks.